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Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid's Delegation Visiting Taganrog

May 17, 2018: a delegation from Lüdenscheid visited the city of Taganrog within the framework of cooperation with Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College. The "Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid" is a non-profit organization working for world peace and actively engaged in research activities aimed at preserving memories of the Second World War, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War. They made their first visit to Taganrog in June 2011, simultaneously with students of Bergstadt Gymnasium.

The three guests from German sister city - Matthias Wagner, Bernd Benscheid and Martin Sander - met with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students of history and linguistics departments. A closer cooperation between Taganrog and Lüdenscheid on war awareness-raising campaigns has been agreed on.


On V-Day, representatives of "Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid" went to the city of Rostov on Don to attend the march of "The Immortal Regiment" and the military parade. The German delegation's visit to the regional capital was covered widely by local, regional and national media, and were shown in a national TV broadcast.


On May 10 a groups of students and lectors from Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College accompanied the German guests on their visit to the Taganrog Branch of the Rostov Oblast State Archive. Its director, Mrs. Inna Novozhilova, led Matthias Wagner, Bernd Benscheid and Martin Sander on a tour through the archive funds, showing rare documents related to the history of the Second World War and the period of Nazi Occupation of Taganrog.


At the end of the visit, director of the college Andrei Goloborodko and Matthias Wagner signed a memorandum of understanding between the Taganrog's educational institution and Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid. It mentions the following areas of cooperation: awareness-raising, study of the history of Taganrog and Lüdenscheid during the Second World War, archival data activities, information exchange, collection of historical photos and documents in both cities.