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Lebanese-French delegation participated in the grand opening of a new museum exhibition

May 17, 2019: yesterday Taganrog Museum of City Planning and Household welcomed opening of the exhibition "Dear Valued Pavel Fyodorovich...", which is a joint project between Taganrog Chekhov Memorial Museum Estate and Alexander Yurievich Yordanov.

The new exhibition features unique objects, documents and photographs from the collection of Taganrog's group of museums, dedicated to Pavel Fyodorovich Yordanov, his work as an alderman and president of the local city council (duma), his friendship with Anton Chekhov. Another part of the exhibition presents the story of Yordanov family, artworks of his daughter Yelena Yordanova and photographic works by his grandson Alexander Yurievich Yordanov.

Yordanov memorabilia
The event was attended by a delegation of Pavel Fyodorovich Yordanov's descendants who came to Taganrog from Beirut, Lebanon and Paris, France.

In June 2016 the first descendant of Yordanov family came to Taganrog and Russia for the first time since the end of the Russian Civil War. This time representatives of the Russian community in Beirut are visiting their historic home city to see the sites related to the life and work of Pavel Yordanov, who was born in the city of Taganrog in 1858 and was linked by ties of kinship to many other Taganrog families, such as Laquiere, Alferaky, Sinodi-Popov, Sarandinaki, Komneno-Varvakis, etc. He was also Anton Chekhov's schoolmate - for two years they attended together the same class of the Taganrog Boys' School (now - "Chekhov Gymnasium" Museum), and both earned a degree in medicine. After his graduation from Moscow State University, Pavel Fyodorovich Yordanov returned to his home city of Taganrog to work as a public health doctor, and later was elected alderman at the local city council (duma).

Taganrog City Council President & City Executive Ms. Inna Titarenko thanked descendants of the Russian statesman for preserving his memory: "We are attending the opening ceremony of an exhibition, which has some distinguishing highlights. First, it is dedicated to the personality of Pavel Yordanov, friend and associate of Anton Chekhov. Secondly, this exhibition connects three anniversary years: 160th birth anniversary of Pavel Yordanov, which was celebrated in 2018, his centennial death anniversary in 2020 and today we remember that 100 years ago in 1919 Pavel Fyodorovych had to leave his home country. Thirdly, the format of this exhibition might be called "dynastic", which is doubly interesting and represents the living bond between generations".

Inna Titarenko
"It is symbolical that today we are witnessing the reunion of two great families: Chekhovs and Yordanovs. The previous meeting between their representatives took place 122 years ago on the eve of Taganrog's bicentennial anniversary", noted Yelizaveta Lipovenko, director of Taganrog Chekhov Memorial Museum Estate.

The event was followed by a concert given by Taganrog Municipal Chamber Orchestra and a cocktail reception.