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Russian Deputy Consul General and "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" Laid Flowers at the Memorial in Stuckenbrock.

June 26, 2021: the Deputy Consul General of Russian Federation in Bonn, Germany Valery Sidorov and representatives of "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" laid flowers at the memorial in Stuckenbrock on June 22 to mark the start of the war against Soviet Union in 1941. The event was also attended by the President of Parliament Andre Kuper and members of Paderborn German-Russian Society. The total number of visitors was about 70.

Before the official part of the event, numerous activists of "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" and the Paderborn German-Russian Society met to see the Soviet cemetery of honor. The tour was organized by the working group "Flowers for Stuckenbrock". Unlike the treatment of the Allied prisoners, Nazis did not extend the Hague Conventions to Soviet people, following the apparent order from German superiors. Therefore, everything was planned in cold blood, according to the rules of war of total destruction, on the basis of the racial ideology. About 58 per cent of the Soviet prisoners did not survive due to hunger, epidemics, arbitrary shootings, and inhumane treatment. They were the second largest group of Nazis' victims after the Jews.

The official part of the event included speeches of the president of "Flowers for Stukenbrock" Hubert Kniesburges, the Deputy Consul General, and the president of "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" Dr. Günter Bönig.

"Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh". The history of Taganrog's cooperation with this NGO goes back to early meetings in 2009 and 2012. In April 2014, the Taganrog Municipal Chamber Orchestra directed by Alexander Gurevich was invited by the Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh and gave concerts in Bielefeld-Senne, Steinhagen, Gütersloh and Bonn. In 2019 a delegation from Gütersloh presented an old Italian accordion to Taganrog Municipal Chamber Orchestra directed by Alexander Gurevich.

"The problem of peace in Europe is only solvable when Russia is involved", Mr. Kniesburges stated.


"Today we intend to honor all the people regardless of ethnicity and citizenship, because their lives were sacrificed for the sake of the great victory. Our solemn duty is to avoid by any means repetitions of similar situations", Deputy Consul General Valery Sidorov said.

"We must never forget this day. The Second World War was the greatest human catastrophe of our age. While NATO declared Russia a potential enemy last week, Germans do not share this opinion. According to a survey carried out on behalf of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, only 29 per cent of Germans feel threatened by Russia. I am sure that European and global stability are only possible with the participation of Russia", Dr. Bönig underlined.