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"The World Reads Chekhov" receives a special prize at "Rudomino Award-2022" Contest

April 21, 2023: The international campaign "The World Reads Chekhov", organized by Foreign Relations Office of Taganrog Local Government and Taganrog Chekhov Public Library received a special prize at "Rudomino Award-2022" contest organized by Rudomino All-Russian State Library For Foreign Literature.

Against the backdrop of a challenging international situation, cooperation with foreign partners has been conducted mostly in the online mode. It led to an increase of online campaigns, contests, projects and video conferences.


This spring, "The World Reads Chekhov" project was submitted by Chekhov Public Library to "Rudomino Award-2022" contest, where it won the special prize for "The Best International Library Project to Promote Russian Classic Literature around the World".

At the award ceremony in Moscow, the member of the standing committee of the Russian Library Association's international cooperation department Lyobov Kazachenkova singled out "The World Reads Chekhov" as an ambitious large-scale project supported by worldwide participants.

The initiative organized by Chekhov's home city brought together almost 400 enthusiasts of Russian literature from 70 countries, who read aloud fragments of their favorite Chekhov's works in 32 world languages.

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