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Vlissingen, Netherlands

The inhabitants of the Dutch town of Vlissingen are no dreamers. In Vlissingen there is a culture for tackling problems, with energy and pragmatism. Not just talking but actually doing it! That's one of the reasons why Vlissingen signed a City Twinning with Taganrog in 1990. The twinning's aim was cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, environment and education, as well as in social circles. Exchange of citizens has always been an important role of the cooperation.

Vlissingen in the 21st century is a modern town with a historic center. A major part of the town is the busy port, after Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the third port of the Netherlands. Vlissingen has 45.000 inhabitants and forms together with the town of Middelburg the urban district Vlissingen/Middelburg with 90.000 inhabitants, the urban and economic center of the province Zeeland.

Vlissingen is a maritime town on the Western Scheldt estuary with an open connection to the North Sea. The villages Oost-Souburg and Ritthem also form part of Vlissingen. The allure of the town, its structure and character is mainly due to its location by the sea. As a consequence Vlissingen is a lively seaside and tourist resort with unique boulevards and lovely beaches.

Vlissingen has a covered shopping center, many pavement cafés, a public library, a seven screen cinema complex and a University for Professional Education Hogeschool Zeeland. In the town center there is a medieval fishing port for seagoing yachts etc.

On the boulevard one can find a large statue of Michiel de Ruyter, the national heroic admiral in the 17th century, who was born in Vlissingen and who built the Dutch Royal Navy into a modern fleet. He reminds us of Peter the Great, who founded Taganrog. Peter the Great once set foot in the Vlissingen region during his stay in Holland.

The sister city agreement ended in 2011 after the voting held by Vlissingen's city council.

For more information on Vlissingen go to http://www.vlissingen.nl

Vlissingen Coat of Arms

Windmill in Vlissingen

Grüne Boulevard and the Oranjemühle