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Visit of author and writer Piotr Yordanov

June 21-27, 2016: only two weeks after the visit of Achilles Alferaki's descendant Patricia Engel, who donated "De Bottari Collection" to Taganrog Chekhov Memorial Museum Estate, it is for the first time since the end of the Russian Civil War, that a descendant of the Russian statesman and a native of Taganrog, Pavel Fyodorovich Yordanov, is visiting the city. The great-grandson of the outstanding personality, Mr. Piotr A. Yordanov resides in Beirut, Lebanon and possesses Russian nationality.

Yordanov memorabilia at Chekhov Memorial Estate's collection
The visitor's great-grandfather - Pavel Yordanov - was born in the city of Taganrog in 1858 and was linked by ties of kinship to many other Taganrog families, such as Laquiere, Alferaky, Sinodi-Popov, Sarandinaki, Komneno-Varvakis, etc. He was also Anton Chekhov's schoolmate - for two years they attended together the same class of the Taganrog Boys' School (now - "Chekhov Gymnasium" Museum), and both earned a degree in medicine. After his graduation from Moscow State University, Pavel Fyodorovich Yordanov returned to his home city of Taganrog to work as a public health doctor, and later was elected alderman at the local city council (duma).

visiting Taganrog chekhov public library
Being an active politician who initiated many great beginnings for Taganrog, starting from 1896 Pavel F. Yordanov maintained regular correspondence with Anton Chekhov regarding such issues as foundation of the city museum, construction of the monument in honor of Peter The Great, development of Taganrog public library, establishment of the first public drugstore, Taganrog bicentenary celebrations, and many more. In 1905-1909 he held office as mayor of Taganrog. When Civil War began, in 1919 he left Russia for Turkey, where he spent the last months of his life working in a hospital.

His great-grandson Piotr Yordanov studied software engineering, specializing in artificial intelligence and after graduation, he invested two years in startups. In 2015 he turned away from entrepreneurship to freelancing. While staying in Thailand, he found his hidden passion for writing. In January 2016, Piotr Yordanov decided to invest in writing and recently published his debut book "Fickle Motion" - a collection of fiction short stories. Within the framework of his stay to the home city of his ancestors, author and writer Piotr Yordanov visited sites in historic downtown area that are related to Yordanoff family, "Chekhovs' Shop" memorial museum, "Birth House of Anton Chekhov" memorial museum, Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History, Taganrog Museum of Art, "Chekhov Gymnasium" Literary Museum and many more.

On June 23, 2016 the great-grandson of Pavel Yordanov had an opportunity to hold in his hands unique documents and memorabilia from the Taganrog museum's depository: over 20 archival units including letters, photographs, postcards and protocols of the Taganrog Chekhov Society. Museum estate's researchers also showed Pavel Yordanov's descendant a document from the museum's archive, asking him to get as much information from the Yordanov family archives as possible.

"My father is planning to visit Taganrog next year. He knows our family history better than me and he will be very useful to your research. Now I am much more interested and would be glad if I could help you too. A few months ago when I decided to go and visit Taganrog, I thought that maybe the history of Yordanov family would reveal me some hidden secrets to make me understand who I am and who I am going to be", told Piotr Alexandrovich Yordanov.

Visiting "Chekhov Gymnasium" Literary museum
Yelizaveta Lipovenko, director of Taganrog Memorial Museum Estate informed that in 2017 a subpanel dedicated to famous people from Taganrog will be working within the framework of traditional Chekhov scholars' conference, inviting Yordanov family members to participate with a conference report. At the end of the visit to museum's depository, Piotr Yordanov met the local press.