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Official delegation from partner city Jining, China visited Taganrog

November 9, 2018: official delegation from partner city Jining, China headed by Mr. Yu Qingjun, Vice-Director of the propaganda department at Jining City Committee of Chinese Communist Party (CPC) visited Taganrog. Other cultural delegates from the home city of Confucius were: Mr. Ding Chunhui, President of Jining High-tech Cultural Creative Park Services Limited, Zhu Ningzhu, representative of of Jining People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mrs. Lin Meiyu, Director of "Phoenix" Travel Agency, Mr. Qiu Ling, general director of the media company "Jining Lingdong Cultural".

November 8 a meeting was held at Taganrog City Hall. The delegation from Jining was received by Mr. Andrei Lisitskiy, City Manager; Mr. Roman Koryakin, Deputy City Manager for Trade & Economic Development; Mrs. Irina Golubeva, Deputy City Manager for Social Affairs; Mrs. Anna Tsygankova, director of Taganrog Office of Tourism and Information and Mr. Alexander Mirgorodsky, Taganrog Foreign Relations Officer.

In his welcome speech, Taganrog City Manager Mr. Lisitskiy highlighted the importance of friendly relations between Russia and China: "Dear Mr. Yu, We are happy to welcome you and the official delegation of the partner city Jining to Taganrog. The comprehensive furtherance of cooperation and strategic engagement with China are the main priority of the Russian foreign policy. We are committed to strengthening our strategic partnership and collaboration.

Several important events and activities that took place in 2016-2018 advanced our cultural cooperation in practical terms. In September 2016 Confucius Cultural Photo Exhibition opened at the Taganrog Museum of Literature. In May 2017 Russian culture and Chekhov Family Exhibition opened at the Museum of Jining.

We anticipate that the cultural dialogue between our cities will stay very intensive. This is why here at the end of this meeting we will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Cultural Cooperation between the cities of Jining and Taganrog. We expect this would enable us to make significant achievements and would contribute to strengthening mutual trust, friendship and to creating an environment favorable for further development of friendly relations".

In 2018 school students from Jining took an active part in the 9th International Art Contest "Anton Chekhov and Characters of his Works". As a result, a boy and a girl from Zoucheng, Jining finished second and were awarded diplomas in their age categories. Mr. Andrey Lisitskiy transmitted the winners' certificates to Mr. Yu Qingjun.

Both sides highlighted the importance of continued mutual visits, and exchanged their views on development of mutual cooperation in the areas of culture and economy. "We expect that the cultural exchanges between our cities continue, with the intensive engagement of young people", told in his reply the head of Jining's delegation. At the end of the meeting, both sides exchanged souvenirs and gifts.

During the tour of the city, Chinese guests visited the memorial museum "Birth House of Anton Chekhov", Taganrog Museum of Art, Taganrog Museum of Literature "Chekhov Gymnasium", the historic building of Chekhov Drama Theater, Tchaikovsky House, St. Nicholas Church and other historical landmarks.