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The State Russian Museum to restore the artworks damaged in the Ukrainian rocket's explosion

August 6, 2023: during a video conference held by Rostov Culture Ministry and The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, Taganrog Museum of Art was assured of support in the light of the damage inflicted by the blast of a Ukrainian S-200 surface-to-air missile on July 28.

Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture Anna Dmitrieva, director of the State Russian Museum Alla Manilova, director of the Taganrog Museum of Art Tamara Pugach, and specialists from the State Russian Museum responsible for the restoration of museum valuables participated in a discussion on the effects of the explosion.

pugach_dmitrieva According to Anna Dmitrieva, it had been established that 22 out of 120 showpieces were damaged. In particular, there are nine gravely impaired artworks. All the exhibits have been evacuated to the second building of the museum (Ulitsa Aleksandrovskaya, 56).

Director of the State Russian Museum Alla Manilova expressed her readiness to immediately send restoration specialists to the Taganrog Museum of Art. She also invited the colleagues from Taganrog to the September meeting of the Association of Art Museums of Russia.

The day before the video conference, at a meeting chaired by Rostov Oblast First Deputy Governor Igor Guskov, an agreement was reached to give the Taganrog Museum of Art in-process control on the buildings it had been housed in. This would be the foundation for further funding necessary to restore the museum.

state_russian_museum_media_center In turn, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation confirmed that money resources would be allocated in order to re-equip the Taganrog Museum of Art. For instance, the blast destroyed such equipment as showcases, dehumidifiers, plasma-panel displays, etc.