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Taganrog authorities respond to damage done by the Ukrainian missile strike

July 31, 2023: regional and municipal authorities are making all efforts to repair damage following the blast of a Ukrainian S-200 surface-to-air missile on July 28. The explosion created a crater more than a meter deep and damaged several buildings, including the "Chekhov-Sad" cafeteria and the Taganrog Museum of Art.

taganrog_museum_of_art_2023_damage_closeup As of today, over 30 pieces of equipment are working at the accident site. All the nearby buildings have been inspected concerning possible hidden damage. Tomorrow, on August 1, specialists in window and door replacement will start working in the most affected residential building.

Investigators and forensic experts from the regional branch of the Russian Investigative Committee carry on with their work. Nine victims of the explosion are still receiving institutional care. According to Taganrog City Manager Andrey Fateev, requests for amendments have been collected from persons suffering not only physical harm but also property loss.