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Conceptual Art Exhibition "I Would Like to Be a Free Artist, Nothing More" Opens at Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism

May 21, 2021: a new exhibition will be unveiled to public today at Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism. The project entitled "I Would Like to Be a Free Artist, Nothing More" is a part of the 14th International Chekhov Book Festival.


It was initiated by a group of well-known Moscow conceptual artists. The project features multifaceted graffiti with impressive individual paintings, Anton Chekhov's quotations represented in art, video clips about Taganrog and much more. Moreover, the visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with installations, assemblages, and series of drawings, engravings, photographs, united by their context of notion.


The exhibition contains works of artists from Moscow and Taganrog, including such authors as Mikhail Roshnyak, Vyacheslav Roshnyak, Mikhail Pogarsky, Vladimir Smolyar, Igor Shcherbina, Oleg Koshelets, Georgy Litichevsky, Victoria Barvenko, Svetlana Pesetskaya, Irina Sosnyakova, Evelina Shats.

Visitors and residents of the city are welcome to see the exhibit "I Would Like to Be a Free Artist, Nothing More" Tuesday to Sunday, from 10AM to 5:30PM in the Taganrog Town-Planning Museum at Ulitsa Frunze 80.