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Taganrog Museum of Art is to receive more help from state museums

October 16, 2023: The Alliance of Russian Museums of Art has reached out to museum community for help. The aid recipient is Taganrog Museum of Art, which was impaired in the blast of a Ukrainian S-200 surface-to-air missile on July 28, 2023.

Funds are required to publish a catalog of the museum's collection, purchase tablets for excursions and children's activities, and get new printing equipment instead of the destroyed one. It has been settled that some equipment is to be bought with the money of the national project "Culture."

taganrog_artworks_oleg_zoloto Moreover, Taganrog Art Museum intends to assemble its own library collection. It will contain scientific and exhibition catalogs, educational literature, and various books displaying the diversity of the multinational culture of Russia.

At the moment, 15 restoration artists of the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg work on the damaged valuables of Taganrog Museum of Art. The restoration is to be finished by March 1, 2024.