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Taganrog Museum of Military History re-opened after reconstruction

May 16, 2019: on the eve of the Victory Day, Taganrog Museum of Military History re-opened its doors after the fire that completely destroyed the building and the exhibit 5 years ago.

The museum represents a private initiative and was established by businessmen and collectors, brothers Igor and Alexander Garkusha. In 2010 it was expanded and moved into a new building on Lesnaya Birzha Street. Taganrog Museum of Military History played an important role in military-patriotic education of children and youth. In October 2014 it was completely destroyed by the fire, but after a fund-raising campaign it was decided to give it a new birth.

"This is a long-awaited and a very special event here. Behind this success there has been a painstaking work to rebuild the museum. It wouldn't be possible without deep motivation and commitment of Garkusha brothers. Many would have lost heart, but not them", highlighted City Council President & City Executive Inna Titarenko - "I would like to thank you on behalf of all city residents and all those who pay tribute to our history".

Director of Taganrog Group of Museums Mrs. Yelizaveta Lipovenko also congratulated her colleagues and expressed the hope that the new page of museum's life would be much brighter, while Taganrog residents show an even greater and more respectful attitude towards national and local history.

At the end of the ceremony Mrs. Titarenko left the first note in the distinguished visitors' book.