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Taganrog Celebrates its 77th Liberation Day

August 30, 2020: This year marks the 77th anniversary of Taganrog's Liberation. On the eve of Taganrog's liberation day from Nazi German occupation in 1943, Taganrog City Manager Andrei Lisitsky laid flowers at Military Glory Stella.

"I would like to convey my most heartfelt thanks to all those who bravely fought for this city. As of today, 952 Great Patriotic War veterans have lived in Taganrog. Ninety-one of them are 1941-1945 combat veterans, 256 were underage prisoners of concentration camps, 805 people worked on the home front. Dear Veterans! Thank you for your courage, your firmness and the peaceful skies over our heads! I wish all resident of Taganrog much health, happiness and well-being", noted Mr. Lisitsky.

The 77th Liberation Day celebration culminated in the grand opening of the Peoples' Museum of Military History "Sambek Heights" - the new branch of Taganrog Group of Museums.