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Greek Ambassador to Russia Ekaterini Nassika Opens "Arise, oh Greece, Arise!" Exhibition in Taganrog

March 22, 2021: exhibition entitled "Arise, oh Greece, Arise!" opened at Chekhov's Literature Museum on March 19. It was timed to bicentennial anniversary of the beginning of the Greek War for Independence.

An official Greek delegation led by Her Excellency Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Russian Federation Ms Ekaterini Nassika took part in the opening ceremony. It was also attended by Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture Anna Dmitrieva, President of Taganrog City Council (Duma) and City Executive Inna Titarenko, Taganrog City Manager Andrei Lisitsky, representatives of Greek diaspora in Rostov Oblast.

Alla Tsymbal, the curator of "Arise, oh Greece, Arise! ", reminded the visitors that since the end of the 18th century Taganrog had been one of the biggest and most influential centers of Greek diaspora in the Russian Empire and made a significant contribution to the Greek struggle for independence.

"Many Taganrog residents went to Greece to fight on the side of rebel forces during the Greek independence war of 1821-1836. Others aimed to provide material assistance to their Greek compatriots. Among them, Ioannis Varvakis played a major role, as well as many heroes of Hellas who lived in Taganrog", Ms Tsymbal said.

Inna Titarenko described how Greeks had contributed-through economy, social area, architecture, culture-to develop the city of Taganrog. "Alferaki and Depaldo, Varvatsi and Scaramanga, Mavrokordato and Bulguri - all these, and many other Greek families left a significant legacy in the history of Taganrog. This legacy is still an integral part of our historic sites. We continue efforts aimed at the preservation of the Greek heritage, since it is part of our common history and culture" Ms Titarenko remarked.

Inna Titarenko
Her Excellency Ambassador Ms Ekaterini Nassika was pleasantly surprised by the careful attitude towards the Greek legacy in Taganrog. "Thank you for being so respectful and mindful of Hellas. I am living in "Varvatsi" hotel on Grecheskaya street, and I can see portraits, books, documents, other historical evidence of the Greek presence in Taganrog. It almost feels like home" Ambassador said.

The concert program "Music of Greek Taganrog", which was performed at the opening ceremony, culminated in a renowned composition for sirtaki, the most popular dance of Greek origin and a real symbol of Greece.

Earlier that day, March 19, Ambassador met with Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev to discuss issues relating to cooperation between Greece and Rostov Oblast in the fields of economy, culture, and tourism. Ms Ekaterini Nassika placed much emphasis on the willingness of Greek specialists and students to participate in local archaeological excavations. This interest is due to the proceeding work on the territory of Tanais Archaeological Reserve Museum, where a festival of Hellenistic culture "The Day of Tanais" is held annually.