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Solo art exhibit by Stepan Chumakov opens in Taganrog

May 27, 2021: A solo art exhibit by Taganrog artist Stepan Chumakov opened in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Russia. It was attended by local artists, museum workers, Taganrog Local Government officials and friends of the artist.

Stepan Chumakov was born in 1931 in the Russian Far East, but his family moved to Taganrog. He started to paint as a child and attended an art school. He worked as a drawing and drafting teacher, a design artist, a teacher of drawing, painting and composition at the Taganrog Children's Art School, and as a design engineer at Taganrog Combine Harvester Plant.

The 90-year old artist's works are held in private collections in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of CIS. Stepan Chumakov is a painter and graphic artist. He works in the genre of portrait, landscape and still life. The portraits are distinguished by their extraordinary psychological expressiveness.

A new artwork of Chumakov was presented at the event: the painting "Russian woodlands", that Mr. Chumakov completed in 2020.