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Sports competitions held between students of Taganrog and Donetsk Peoples' Republic

April 2, 2016: futsal and basketball competitions between the students of Taganrog College of Technologies (part of Don State Technical University) and Donetsk Republican Higher School of Olympic Reserve named after Sergey Bubka (Donetsk Peoples' Republic) are being held at Krasny Kotelshchik Palace of Sports.

Cooperation between Taganrog-based and D.P.R. sports organizations and associations started in October 2015 when the first friendly match between INTECH (Taganrog) and the national team of Donetsk Peoples' Republic was played in Donetsk's "Druzhba" arena.

"The physical fitness in Taganrog students is high enough", says Mr. Albert Isayev, director of the college of technologies, - "although the rival is very strong, our guys are physically and emotionally come to the scratch".

Friendly match Taganrog-Donbas
"Our institution is now implementing Russian education standards - this is the main reason for this visit", told Mr. Andrey Sereda, director of Donetsk Republican Higher School of Olympic Reserve, - "We study the teaching and guiding process at Taganrog college, while sports competitions are good opportunities for both sides to match strength with each other. I hope this is the beginning of a good friendship between the two educational institutions".

Before the competitions started, 18 athletes from Donetsk Peoples' Republic made a tour of the city, visiting museums and historical landmarks of Taganrog.