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July 19, 2012 :The festival "Sport by the Whole Wide World. From the Bottom of the Heart" to be held September 15-16, 2012 in Taganrog.

"From the Bottom of the Heart" is an event dedicated to worthy people, the kind of people that are a good many in Russia. These are sportsmen, politicians, public figures, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, military veterans, everyday people and large families who accomplished moral deeds in defense of honor and virtue of the man and country. This kind of people can be a support of the state authorities when it comes to resolving various social, political, economic and other issues. They set a good example for various segments of the population (especially among the young people) and it would be worthy if more people could learn about them.


  • The festival is to held in Taganrog, with the main stage to be installed in the Pushkin Embankment;
  • Territories adjacent to the main stage to be used for workshops, local arts & crafts and folk groups.

    Location of the main stage on Pushkin Embankment in the Gulf of Taganrog

    September 14 - arrival of participants and guests of the festival, hotel check-in, tours of the city;
    September 15 - performances of artists and sports stars, workshops, meetings between guests and participants of the festival, large-scale music show, heroes awards ceremony, night disco;
    September 16 - additional city tours for guests of the festival.


    1. To show in practice that today's political authorities and representatives of society's various segments are one people with common purposes that can be attained together, by the whole world.
    2. To show that a common person can find understanding and support from the local government, regional authorities and security-service personnel in solving their everyday problems.
    3. To show that the authorities can rely on the support of socially active, not indifferent and sportive people.
    4. To lay conditions for making Rostov Oblast and Taganrog the future meeting point for such people.


    1. Within the framework of the festival "Sport by the Whole Wide World. From the Bottom of the Heart", we will be remembering the sinking of the cruise ship "Costa Concordia", which had more than 100 Russian tourists onboard. Many of the Russians risked their lives to save other passengers, among who were kids and women. We are waiting for confirmation of the Italian guests, including Ennio Morricone and Toto Cutugno.
    2. We will be covering the story of the hockey club Lokomotiv Yaroslavl who died in a plane crash on September 7, 2011 and of their good deeds and charity donations that are not wide known. The team cared for kids with cancer and many more. There will be meetings between the Locomotive HC team's family members and kids whose lives were saved by the hockey players.
    3. Awarding heroes serving in police and fire-fighting squads.
    4. Participating sportsmen will be organizing workshops, signing autographs and meeting with guests of the festival.

    Computer-aided model of the main stage on Pushkin Embankment

    Guests and participants of the festival are people supporting the policy of the government, authorized representatives of President Vladimir Putin.

    Among them are: Alexandr Inshakov, President of the Russian National Karate Association; Nikolai Valuev, former two-time WBA heavyweight champion; Sergei Trofimov, poet and performer; Oxana Fedorova, Russian Miss Universe winner; Vyacheslav Butusov, rock singer; retired famous sportsmen such as Vladislav Tretyak, Sergei Fedorov, Andrei Kirilenko, Yelena Isinbayeva, olympic champions, Heroes of Russian Federation. Many of these people set up charity funds helping kids, underprivileged and disabled people. Every participant is a worthy person, and all together they will be participating in a colorful music and journalistic event - a true anthem to courage, health and beauty.