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IBSC Logo Transcript of the welcome speech by Victor Arkhipov, Chairman of Russian National Committee for Black Sea Economic Cooperation

September 25-27, 2010: A delegation of the RNC BSEC (Russian National Committee for Black Sea Economic Cooperation) headed by its President Dr. Victor Arkhipov also participated in the 21st Assembly of IBSC in the city of Kavala (Greece).

Victor Arkhipov's speech at IBSC Board Meeting
The full transcript of Victor Arkhipov Speech at the 21st IBSC Assembly Meeting:

I'm glad to welcome participants of the XXIst Assembly of the International Black Sea Club that is held in a hospitable Greek city of Kavala. I would like to express special words of gratitude for the invitation to the president of International Black Sea Club, governor of hosting city and our big friend, Mr. Konstantinos Simitsis.

As it is known, main goal of activity of the Club, having the Black Sea region cities as its members - is achievement of high level integration between the Black Sea region countries, coordination of social-economic, ecological, cultural-educational development in the region.

What does it mean? First of all it means participation in the process of development, agreement, organization and implementation of joint investment projects in the fields of economicy, environmental protection, tourism and culture; creation of terms for free enterprise, trade expanding; solving problems of rational environmental-resource employment and protection of Black and Azov Seas against pollution; strengthening the system of organizational-economic, scientific-technical, commercial and cultural links between Black Sea basin cities and regions.

It's not a secret that along with other questions, within this high level meeting, it is planned to admit new members to the International Black Sea Club. The following Russian cities have applied - Stavropol, Termryuk District, Anapa. At the moment our country is represented in this non-governmental international organization, having an observer status within BSEC, by Azov, Rostov na Donu and Taganrog. What does it state for? First of all, it states, that Russian government pays heightened attention to the development of comprehensive links between the Black Sea region countries including non-governmental level links.

Please let me remind you, that on the 21st of June 2010, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has hosted officials and representatives of Southern Russia's cities administrations - Azov, Anapa, Sochi, Stavropol, Taganrog, regions of Krasnodar and Tuapse. Within the framework of this meeting it was highlighted that our country has an intention to continue strengthening contacts with member states of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Victor Arkhipov's speech at IBSC Board Meeting
It is self-evident that in the development of business cooperation great importance is given to non-traditional unions without formal bindings between partners, but where a big role is given to intersection of interests, political and economic. One of the leader structures is the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Russian National Committee for Black Sea Economic Cooperation is a body, coordinating Russian entrepreneurs and public structures' activities, related to participation of Russia in the BSEC.

Now it's not about talking, but about acting towards making international cooperation with Russian participation in the Black Sea region more effective. Here are the first steps: a decision was made on including RNC BSEC in the membership of organizational committee of the prestigious annual International Investment Forum "Sochi". Our Committee is ready to attract representatives from business communities, entrepreneurs and academic structures, administrations from Russian regions, Russian Federal ministries and departments for cooperation with other countries of the Black Sea region.

The main objective of our work with Russian companies and enterprises of all form of ownership in the Black Sea region - is to increase the investment attractiveness of Southern Russia regions in the international community. In this point of view we, in agreement with representatives of South Russia administrations, intend and are willing to provide recommendations on the following issues:

-determination of investment priorities;
-development of investment offers;
-conduction of direct investment marketing;
-investors and projects support.

Besides that, our Committee intends:

-to assist in preparation of the list of ready-made objects in Southern Russia regions that represent interest to investors, and objects that may provide such interest in the future;
-to conduct an investment marketing of all form of ownership enterprises, operating in Southern Russia regions in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions and in some other countries.

Our doors are open.

Thank you for your attention.

Full transcript courtesy of http://www.rncbsec.org