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"Luch Nadezhdy" Opens Its Public Center in Taganrog

July 11, 2022: a special ceremony to commemorate the opening of an "inclusive" public center took place in Taganrog on July 8. The opening ceremony gathered representatives of Taganrog City Council (Duma) and Taganrog Local Government as well as members of the public.

inclusion_office Independent Non-Profit Organisation "Luch Nadezhdy" ("Ray of Hope") focuses on educational activities, psychological services, and social integration of children and youth with disabilities. The ceremony was held in connection with the All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Faith.

titarenko_opening_ray_of_hope Taganrog City Council, led by its President Inna Titarenko, did its part to lodge the organization. Among the local businesses who contributed to the refurbishing works in the new office are PRIBOY and Beriev Aircraft Corp. plants, local water and wastewater treatment plant and many others, including private persons.

koulitchev_2022 During the ceremony, Foreign Relations Specialist of Taganrog Local Government Dmitry Koulitchev read aloud the Russian translation of the welcome speech of Herman Strutz, the Principal of Gütersloh Social Services College (Germany) and manager of the German-Russian social project initiated by the Evangelical Church in Germany. In recent years, Taganrog and Gütersloh have been developing cooperation in the areas of education and culture.

titarenko_opening_ceremony_2022 "I thank you all for your support. This case is a good example of joint work. From now on, "Luch Nadezhdy" has its home, and I am very happy that one more social institution is placed in our district", wrote Inna Titarenko on her official VKontakte page.