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Rostov Oblast to finance completion of Ranevskaya Museum in Taganrog

October 26, 2023: according to Chairman of Rostov Oblast Legislative Assembly Alexander Ishchenko, it is planned to allocate 108 million rubles from the regional budget until the end of 2023 to found Faina Ranevskaya Museum. By now, the property issues have already been tackled.

Ranevskaya's birth house, which is located at Ulitsa Frunze 10, has long been intended for setting a thematic museum. In 2016, the Charity Fund of Ivan Savvidi, who is a businessman and politician with close links to Rostov Oblast, bought the house in order to transfer it to the municipal ownership and then open the museum. The fund also covered the expenses for submittals on restoration of the building.

In the summer of 2022, Rostov Oblast Government, the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Charity Fund of Ivan Savvidi, the Greek National Cultural Autonomy of Russia, and the Russian Jewish Congress concluded a cooperation agreement focused on the establishment of Faina Ranevskaya Museum. Later the activity was suspended due to a number of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognized as one of the greatest comic actors of the 20th century, Faina Ranevskaya was born as Faina Feldman on August 27 (O.S. August 15), 1896 in the city of Taganrog in a wealthy Jewish family. Faina attended the local school for girls and received regular home education. She left her home city to pursue a theater career in Moscow in 1915.

Every year Taganrog holds special events dedicated to Faina Ranevskaya at the local museums and on the main streets.