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Faina Ranevskaya's Birthday Celebrated in Taganrog

August 28, 2023: birthday of the Taganrog-native actress Faina Ranevskaya was traditionally celebrated in Taganrog. Recognized as one of the greatest comic actors of the 20th century, she was born as Faina Feldman on August 27 (O.S. August 15), 1896 in the city of Taganrog in a wealthy Jewish family. Faina attended the local school for girls and received regular home education. She left her home city to pursue a theater career in Moscow in 1915.

Special events on the occasion of the 127th anniversary of Ranevskaya's birth were held in the city's museums and on the main streets of Taganrog. There were walking tours, museum activities, stage performances. Several groups of tourists from all around Russia visited Taganrog in order to participate in the celebrations. A number of admirers laid floral tributes to Ranevskaya's monument, which had been set up in front of her birth house - the future memorial museum.

"Easiness, ingenuity, and charm of the south - all these attributes mark her as a Taganrog citizen. Birthday of Faina Ranevskaya is our holiday," said Taganrog City Manager Andrey Fateyev.