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Transformation Project for Pushkin Embankment and Its Surroundings Approved

April 3, 2023: preparations to renovate Pushkinskaya are underway in Taganrog. Most recently, an expert panel approved the pier modernization project and the yacht club projects, both of which are located on the embankment.

The works will be focused on the educational facilities of the yacht club, boathouse, seawall and slipway. Furthermore, there are plans to place berths for small boats and a hotel building on the premises of the yacht club. In order to maintain the city's original appearance, the historical pavement within the territory of Pushkin Embankment will be preserved.

In the area of the Solnechny Beach, which is in the proximity of the embankment, an extreme park and training grounds are to be constructed. Moreover, a thorough examination of the coastline of Taganrog bay from Beriev Aircraft Corp. to the village of Mikhailovka is to be conducted this year at the request of Rostov Oblast Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In September 2022, the plan to improve 1500 sq. ft. of the central part of Pushkinskaya Embankment was presented to Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, who has been the key figure in another project - reconstruction and maintenance of Taganrog streetcar system.