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SpetsStroySvyaz is the leading company of the Taganrog-based Proton-SSS Science Production Enterprise Holding, Russia's largest developer and producer of digital telecommunication equipment. The company was founded in the city of Taganrog on October 1, 1996, and has been the exclusive exporter of the Proton-SSS telecommunication platform for more than seven years.

The company specializes in integrating systems, designing and building communications turnkey solutions. SpetsStroySvyaz manufactures telecommunication equipments under the brandname "Proton-SSS" and offers specialized services for adjusting the equipments.

The Science and Production Enterprise Holding received licenses of the State Technical Commission under President of Russian Federation for information protection applications, license of the F.S.B. (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) for the work with classified materials, and a paper of the Institute for Testing and Certification of Armaments and Military Equipment, classifying the Company in its "Military Register".

The telecommunications equipments produced by the Holding are in operation nationwide, making the total of over 400 regions, cities and towns in Russia and CIS countries. Among the customers are major telecommunications operators of Russia and CIS, ministries, large productions and shipping companies, scientific centers, colleges, municipalities, banking and financial structures.

In 2005, under the programme of co-operation development between Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan in high technologies, Omega Instrument Plant JSC in Uralsk (part of Kazakhstan Engineering National Company OJSC) began production of Proton-SSS digital telecommunication equipment.

The Proton-SSS digital automatic telephone system is used by city, rural, and assigned networks as:

  • Automated Digital Phone Systems
  • Digital Data Stream Switch Modules
  • Remote Concentrator (V5.2 interface)
  • G.SHDSL modems
  • IP Telephony Gateways
  • DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexers) "Proton-SSS"
  • Media Gateways
  • Multiplexer Ethernet/E1
  • Secondary Trunking Device "Proton-SSS"
  • Communications Systems
  • System Phones
  • City telephone network substations, support automated phone systems;
  • Private / office communication applications;
  • Alarm converters;
  • Flexible multiplexers;
  • Dispatching and control communication systems (with dispatching boards);
  • IP network access equipment.
  • Service Software

    The company certified the compliance of its products with ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management and the International, Certificate MOODY INTERNATIONAL. Proton-SSS telecommunication equipment interacts with other ATS on protocols EDSS1, Q.SIG, 2BCK, 1BCK, OKC-7, etc. The Proton-SSS digital automatic telephone system also supports all kinds of alarm systems used in private-branch networks of the C.I.S. countries. The establishment of a major service centre at Omega Instrument Plant JSC and the development of dealership network throughout Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan, ensured warranty maintenance for the whole range of Proton-SSS equipment supplied.

  • Proton-SSS automated phone system


    Remote Concentrator (V5.2 interface)

    Media gateway

    Proton-SSS software package

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