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Projects of Young Activists Are Discussed in Taganrog

June 29, 2023: the roundtable discussion entitled "From the Youth of Taganrog to the Home City: Development Prospects of Youth Policy" took place in the Taganrog Youth Palace on the initiative of the deputies of Taganrog City Council on June 27.

The event brought together President of Taganrog City Council and City Executive Inna Titarenko, Deputy of Taganrog City Council Artyom Vodolazkin, Youth Affairs Officer of Taganrog Local Government Evelina Novik, Director of College of Technology of Don State Technical University Andrey Solovyov with a group of students, teachers and students of Taganrog Chekhov Teachers College, deputies of Taganrog Youth Parliament, members of the Taganrog Youth Government, and representatives of other organizations.

During the discussion, the deputies of the Youth Parliament presented their projects. Other participants of the meeting evaluated the projects in terms of relevance and feasibility, giving advice on how to improve them.

The concepts include, but are not limited to, improving the environmental situation in the city and the coastal zone, helping the elderly poor, preserving the cultural heritage sites of Taganrog, immortalizing the fallen in the Great Patriotic War and the special military operation in Ukraine.

Summing up the event, President of Taganrog City Council and City Executive Inna Titarenko thanked all the participants for their social activism and efficient teamwork: "Together we have found common ground and planned several initiatives for the benefit of the city and its citizens. Now the main thing is that you maintain a genuine desire to enforce the plans, so that the initiatives will not remain to be only conversations and good intentions, not supported with deeds!".