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Vladimir Prasolov Was Inaugurated as Taganrog's New Mayor

March 15, 2012 - today the inauguration ceremony for the Mayor Vladimir Prasolov was held at the historic Chekhov Drama Theater.

Governor of Rostov Oblast Vasily Golubev, heads of legislative and executive authorities of the Rostov region and Southern Federal District, deputies of the Rostov Oblast and Taganrog City councils, mayors of Rostov Oblast cities and townships, members of the district election commissions, trustees of Vladimir Prasolov, representatives of enterprises, organizations, military and law-enforcement agencies, public agencies, clergy, youth parties and movements, mass media were present at the event.

Vladimir Prasolov taking mayor's oath
The inauguration ceremony was commenced by Oleg Kostyuchenko, chairman of the municipal election commission who read the Mayoral Election Results of March 4, 2012, concluding that "Vladimir Alexandrovich Prasolov was elected, receiving 55751 votes or 38.69% of the ballots."

Next, Mr. Kostyuchenko presented Vladimir Prasolov with the certificate of election.

Vladimir Prasolov wearing mayor's sign
Vladimir Alexandrovich Prasolov took an oath, vowing to exercise the powers of the Mayor of Taganrog "respecting the Constitution of Russian Federation, federal and regional laws, Rostov Oblast Charter, Charter of the Municipal Corporation "The City of Taganrog", "to promote the defense of rights and freedoms of citizens, prosperity of the city of Taganrog, and faithfully serving its people".

After the oath, Vladimir Prasolov received the Sign of the Mayor of Taganrog.

Mayor Vladimir Prasolov and Governor Golubev meet the press
Vasily Golubev, Governor of Rostov Oblast took the floor to congratulate and encourage the new elect mayor. In his speech the head of the region highlighted that the regional government will continue supporting the city of Taganrog and wished Mayor Prasolov success in his work.

In the final of the inauguration ceremony, Vladimir Prasolov thanked all Taganrogers for the votes and for their trust that they showed electing him mayor: "I was born and raised in Taganrog, and now it's time to work for the benefit of the homeland. I am thankful to Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev for his support and it's a matter of honour to justify this confidence" told Mr. Prasolov.