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Delegation from the city of Taganrog visits Jining, Shandong

September 26-29, 2013: Taganrog official delegation headed by Oleg Demenev, First Deputy Mayor of Taganrog went on official visit to partner city Jining, Shandong Province (Peoples'Republic of China) to participate in the events of the Jining International Confucius Culture Festival-2013.

Meeting of First Deputy Mayor Demenev and Vice-Mayor Wu Jiwen

September 27, 2013 the reception of guests from Taganrog was held at the Sheng Dou International Conference Center by Mrs. Wu Jiwen, Vice Mayor of Jining in presence of the local and regional press. The head of Taganrog delegation discussed with Chinese counterpart the development of partnership relations since 2009, and outlined the prospects for cooperation and future exchanges in the future. After exchange of views, the parties came to a mutual agreement that cultural, educational and youth exchanges, and expansion of cooperation between Russian and Chinese businesses are top priority.

September 28, 2013 official delegation of Taganrog City visited the 2013 Confucius Festival opening ceremony in Xingtan Theater in Qufu, Jining, Shandong Province. After the opening and awarding of UNESCO Confucius prizes, Mr. Oleg Demenev, First Deputy Mayor of Taganrog in the company of Mr. Hahn Surk Chae, South Korean vice-consul in Qingdao, Shandong; Mr. Hong Seong Park, Vice-Mayor of Yeongju City, South Korea; Mr. Luo Rongyi, Director for Communications of Singapore-China Friendship Association, Mr. Bei Sita, a UNESCO representative, and other important foreign guests participated in sacrificial ceremony in Confucius Temple.

A meeting with university management and students was held at Qufu Normal University. The two sides discussed the prospects of educational and youth exchanges between the two cities. After the official part of the gathering, Deputy Mayor Demenev awarded the two winners of the online contest "Taganrog and its sister cities" held by Taganrog Elections Commission in 2013: Xie Yilin and Wang Jingwen. Taganrog delegation, accompanied by Mr. Zhu Yufu and Chinese students who learn Russian language, made a tour of Qufu Normal University and continued informal conversation outdoors.


On the same day Russian delegation visited Jining Hi-Tech Business Innovation Service Center, learning about its structure and work of the high-tech park, and the leading innovation companies of Chinese partner city.