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Taganrog students conduct academic research in Lüdenscheid, Germany

May 24, 2019: in the following up the agreement between Lüdenscheid's Friedensgruppe (Group for Peace) and Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College signed in May 2018, a group of students and postgraduate students headed by Cand. Sc. History Mrs. Ageeva is visiting the German partner city.


The study and research tour was organized in the framework of an ongoing joint project "Learning the World War II History Through the Lens of Anthropology", seeking the information regarding the fate of 27000 Taganrog residents, who were deported to Germany to perform forced labor.


After only a few days in Lüdenscheid, the delegation has already done an efficient study of the documents kept at the district archive of Altena, municipal archive of Lüdenscheid and memorial museum Steinwache in Dortmund. "Here in Germany we have collected documents that we believe will be an important step forward in learning about the fates of people deported during the Great Patriotic War to Germany for forced labor and to enroll their names in the historic page", noted members of Taganrog delegation.


The "Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid" is a non-profit organization working for world peace and actively engaged in research activities aimed at preserving memories of the Second World War, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War. Among the most active members of the "Group for Peace" are: Mathias Wagner, Bernd Benscheid, Martin Sander and Dieter Hohaus, who have provided strong support to the project and have shared their experiences and insights on the subject.