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The Home City of Chekhov and the Home City of Confucius Sign a Partnership Agreement

June 4, 2009: official municipal delegation from the city of Jining, People's Republic of China headed by Mayor Zhang Zhenchuan visited Taganrog June 2-3, 2009. During the tour of the city, the visitors from Jining visited the Chekhov Birth House, Taganrog Museum of Art, Alferaki Palace, Pushkin Quay, The Stone Steps and other monuments.

June 3, the delegation was received by Mayor Fedyanin at the Mayor's Office and the parties signed the Partnership Agreement at the Taganrog City Council hall.

Mayor Fedyanin (left) and Mayor Zhang (right) sign the partnership agreement between Taganrog and Jining (P.R. China)

Jining is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Shandong province, People's Republic of China. Jining is renowned as the birthplace of Chinese predominant philosophers Confucius and Mencius, who are the founder fathers of the Confucianism. That is why Jining has so many places of historical interest. Among them, the most famous one should be the Confucius Temple (Kong Miao) in Qufu County. Also, the Kong Family Mansion was listed into the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. All these brilliant traditional culture of China have attracted numerous descendants of the Yellow to worship as well as countless foreign visitors in favor of Confucianism.

Chinese delegation in front of the museum "Chekhov Birth House" in Taganrog