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Teacher from sister city Lüdenscheid, Germany visiting Taganrog.

October 23, 2019: Traditional exchanges of students and teachers between Lüdenscheid's Adolf Reichwein Gesamtschule and Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College have contributed not only to professional advancement, but also to strengthening of personal contacts. Two years ago teachers Monika Rode and Jurgen Kelle visited Taganrog on a private visit. In October 2019 Mr. Bodo Nolte visited the city of Taganrog with his family.

Bodo Nolte in Taganrog 2019

Withing the framework of his stay, Mr. Nolte met college students, Mr. Andrey Goloborodko - director of the Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College, Mrs. Albina Ishchenko - the chair of Taganrog German language teachers' society and professor Viktor Kulikov to discuss the plans for further cooperation. German guests also visited memorial Chekhov sites and museums, operetta "The Merry Widow", and Azov museum of local history.

"Having visited your wonderful city for the first time in January, I told my family about the beauty of Russia and the extraordinary hospitality of Taganrogers. Now they're here visiting to learn about it and to love it just like me", - Mr. Nolte said.

concert at tgpi

The cooperation between the college in Taganrog and Lüdenscheid's gymnasium started in 2001 when the first TGPI student went for one-year course. The department signed an agreement with Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule to develop educational exchanges between students of the two cities. Since 2005 the cooperation between the schools was transformed into student exchanges from both ends.