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Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule students visiting Taganrog

January 16-30, 2015: five 11th-year students from Lüdenscheid's Adolf Reichwein Gesamtschule and their teacher Frau Alessa Sarah Held are visiting Taganrog within the framework of international educational exchanges with Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College (TGPI). They came for practical training in Chekhov's home city: at the Taganrog Municipal Schools no. 5, 6 and 22, at Taganrog Municipal Hospital #3 and at Taganrog Teachers' College.

Friday, January 22 the students from German sister city were received at the Mayor's Office. Vladimir Prasolov highlighted the importance of youth exchanges between the two sister cities and signifance of language practice and informal communication.

After the end of the meeting, students from Lüdenscheid met with local press and shared their first impressions of their stay: all host families are hospitable and sociable. When asked by journalists of the current political situation and how it reflected on Taganrog, Frau Alessa Sarah Held responded that she considers the city remained the same as in the course of her previous visit here: "The city lives its own life. The downtown Taganrog is very interesting, with all remarkable sites related to Anton Chekhov".