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Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule students visit Taganrog

January 13-30, 2014: five 11th-year students from Lüdenscheid's Adolf Reichwein Gesamtschule are visiting Taganrog within the framework of international educational exchanges with Taganrog Teachers' College (TGPI). They came for practical training in Chekhov's home city: at the Taganrog Municipal School no. 5, Taganrog Municipal School no. 27 and at a veterinary clinic.

Friday, January 24 the students from German sister city were received at the Mayor's Office. "I am happy that long traditions of cooperation between the two cities go further, and develop especially actively in education. Our mutual youth exchanges help us to avoid wrong appraisals; to educate our children about traditions, history and culture of Russia and Germany, and what's the most important about Russian and German people. It's always a pleasure welcoming students from Germany who are interested in Russia and its language to participate in various art contests held in Taganrog. I hope that our further cooperation would be as much successful", said Vladimir Prasolov in his greeting.


When asked by Mayor of Taganrog about their stay in Taganrog, the students from Lüdenscheid vied to share their first impressions: "It's a beautiful city", "So many places to go sightseeing", "Everywhere people being really nice and friendly"... They were especially astonished to find out how much school students from their Russian sister city like German language lessons and how good they are at it.

Professor Mrs. Galina Polenova, Chair of the German language faculty at TGPI and Mr. Victor Kulikov, German language instructor at TGPI stated that cooperation and students' exchanges improve the knowledge of foreign languages and thanked Mayor Prasolov and the Taganrog Local Government for their support of this project.