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Charity Action "Under the Flag of Kindness" held in Taganrog

May 29, 2023: the interregional inclusive festival "Football - A School of Life" took place at Taganrog's Forte Stadium on May 26. The event received support from Taganrog Local Government and the football club Forte. It was held in the framework of the 16th charity action "Under the Flag of Kindness!".

The festival's organizer and the manager of the charity fund Natalya Davydova together with the sports commentator Artyom Shmelkov emceed "Football Is a School of Life." Some well-known former and active athletes, such as ex-footballers Valery Shmarov and Eduard Mor, took part in the festival.

Students of the youth academy of Forte performed a training session for children with limited health capacities, including the charges of Independent Non-Profit Organisation "Luch Nadezhdy" ("Ray of Hope"). Afterwards, the children took part in football competitions. One more memorable event on that day was a performance of Rostov-on-Don circus artists.

Taganrog Deputy City Manager for Social Affairs Irina Golubeva thanked coaches, mentors and parents for their contribution to the festival, and also expressed good wishes to the children themselves.

"You've shown strength of character and your courage, and also show how great the physical potential of each person is. Looking at you, everyone wants to win and achieve new goals," said Irina Golubeva.

After the festival, medical certificates were distributed to children needing expensive treatments and operations. These certificates allow treatment in the best Russian clinics.

The charity foundation "Under the Flag of Kindness!" was established by prominent political and public figures with the purpose of targeted financial aid to children in need of expensive treatment. National charity actions are held under patronage of the Russian Ministry of Health and are supported by Russian Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Ministry of Sports and regional governments.