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Charity Action "Under the Flag of Kindness" held in Taganrog

June 3, 2019: The charity foundation "Under the Flag of Kindness!" was established by prominent political and public figures with the purpose of targeted financial aid to children in need of expensive treatment. National charity actions are held under patronage of the Russian Ministry of Health and are supported by Russian Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Ministry of Sports and regional governments.

Arkady Dvorkovich
The central event of the charity action "Under the Flag of Kindness" was held at the Taganrog's Torpedo Stadium. A football match was played between a team of the leading Russian politicians, athletes and pop music celebrities against the team of football veterans and local government representatives from Taganrog. The team of celebrities led by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich was better in the endgame and won 3:2.

The match was followed by distribution of medical certificates to children needing expensive treatments and operations. On May 30, 2019 ten families received certificates for 590 thousand rubles. The total amount of aid collected from the citizens of Taganrog reached over 1.1 million rubles.