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Taganrog Athletes Win Medals at the All-Russian Trampoline Championship

March 9, 2023: the All-Russian Trampoline "Yaroslav the Wise" Cup took place in the city of Yaroslavl on February 28 - March 5. Over 300 athletes from about 20 regions of Russia competed in all the four trampoline disciplines (individual trampoline (Olympic), synchronized trampoline, double mini trampoline, and tumbling) and such age groups as 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, men's and women's (17 and above).

Trainees of Taganrog's Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 3 and representatives of Taganrog in the regional Olympic Training Center No. 1 were included in the Rostov Oblast team. In total, they won 14 medals:

  • Vladimir Grishchenko (Olympic Training Center) - gold in synchronized trampoline (men's);
  • Gleb Taldykin - gold in individual trampoline (boys' 15-16);
  • Anna Kozorezova - silver in synchronized trampoline (girls' 13-14);
  • Artyom Chertilin - silver in synchronized trampoline (boys' 9-10);
  • Alexandra Kochubey - bronze in individual trampoline (women's);
  • Stanislav Ponomarenko - bronze in individual trampoline (men's):
  • Irina Dmitrieva (Olympic Training Center) - bronze in synchronized trampoline (women's);
  • Alexandra Kochubey - bronze in synchronized trampoline (women's);
  • Irina Dmitrieva (Olympic Training Center) - bronze in double mini trampoline (women's);
  • Vladimir Grishchenko (Olympic Training Center) - bronze in double mini trampoline (men's);
  • Gleb Taldykin - bronze in synchronized trampoline (boys' 15-16);
  • Maxim Mikhailov- bronze in synchronized trampoline (boys' 15-16);
  • Roman Kolesnik - bronze in synchronized trampoline (boys' 13-14);
  • Anna Kozorezova - bronze in double mini trampoline (girls' 13-14).

    In the near future, the athletes that got the best results will be selected to enter international competitions in Belarus and the All-Russian Trampoline Championship as a part of the Rostov Oblast team.

    We congratulate the athletes and their coaches on the successful performance, wishing them every success in their further career, as well as new victories and major achievements.