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Traditional Epiphany swimming held in Taganrog

January 22, 2024: on January 19 Orthodox Christians of Taganrog participated in traditional Epiphany swimming, which was held on Pushkin Embankment in front of Albatross Cafe.

At around noon, in the beginning of the event, priest German, priest-monk Yefrem and priest-monk Mavriky consecrated the ice-hole, and over 1,000 followers of Russian Orthodox faith went for a polar bear plunge in the Gulf of Taganrog, celebrating the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan.


The weather was relatively mild, about 6 degree centigrade. Changing facilities and a concession stand were organized within the surrounding area. A considerable number of officials kept a strict vigil there, including rescue divers, policemen, physicians, Cossacks, and also volunteers.


The bravest men and women who went for a polar bear plunge were greeted on shore by numerous spectators, support groups and were offered hot tea and coffee. Great Blessing of Waters and church services were held in all Taganrog churches.

The traditional Epiphany swimming event took place without incident.