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Taganrog athletes win 5 medals at national finswimming championships

March 30, 2023: the All-Russian Under-17 Finswimming Championships were held in the city of Tomsk on March 24-29. Over 450 athletes from 23 regions competed in such techniques as surface finswimming, apnoea finswimming, immersion finswimming with breathing apparatus, and bi-fins.

finswimming2023 Trainees of Taganrog Olympic Reserve School No. 13 and Taganrog Sports School No. 2 were an essential part of Rostov Oblast's team. In total, they've won 5 bronze medals:

  • Ksenia Saprykina (Taganrog Specialized School No. 13 for Olympic trainees) - ranked third in girls' 100 m immersion finswimming and third in girls' 200 m surface finswimming;
  • Yevgeniya Yedalova (Taganrog Specialized School No.2), coached by Yuri Zadorozhny - girls' 50 m apnoea finswimming;
  • mixed team (Ksenia Saprykina, Yevgeniya Yedalova, Artyom Pudov, Alexander Tretyakov) - 4x 50 m surface finswimming;
  • girls' team (Ksenia Saprykina, Yevgeniya Yedalova, Yekaterina Gordeeva, Darya Minina) - 4x 100 m surface finswimming.

    We congratulate the athletes and coaching staff for their excellent achievements.