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COVID-19 City of Taganrog's Mitigation And Response #59

October 4, 2021: according to Rostov Oblast Governor press service, Vasily Golubev signed a regulation on re-imposing some COVID-19 restrictions. It was caused by deterioration of the regional epidemiological situation.


According to the regulation, employers are obliged to transfer at least 30 per cent of the employees to remote working. Among the mentioned must be those who are aged 65 and/or suffer from chronic illnesses.

Regular medical treatment, check-ups and examinations are suspended once again. However, people had contracted COVID-19 previously and children may have access to check-ups.


Limits have been placed on the number of visitors for concert halls (up to 50 per cent of the maximum capacity, but no more than 500 people). The activity of stages and dance floors on the premises of food courts has been suspended.

Children under 18 will not be allowed to attend additional educational programs, except for online and individual ones, until November 1, 2021.

As of October 4, 140133 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Rostov Oblast, and 120921 people have already recovered.