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COVID-19 City of Taganrog's Mitigation And Response #33

December 1, 2020: Residents of Taganrog above 65 years of age must stay indoors unless they are going out for essential needs such as to seek emergency medical care, to obtain food from the nearest shop, walk pets within 100 meters from home or take out the garbage. Rising coronavirus numbers prompted the authorities to urge companies to increase the number of people working remotely.


New regional COVID-19 restrictions were announced on November 30. New mandatory directives on capacity limitations have been introduced. The risk of COVID-19 transmission increases when there is a higher number and density of people present at a facility, particularly when indoors. Since December 1, 2020 the capacity limitation for bleachers at indoor sport events is 25%. Movie showings at cinemas are allowed at 40% capacity.

Indoor operation of skatering rinks inside shopping centers is prohibited. Ice stadiums may operate, but the total indoor capacity for each facility is calculated by adding together the reduced maximum capacity for each individual skater (of at least 10 sq. meters). Operation of recreation facilities and gatherings between 10PM and 7AM is prohibited, including the fireworks. However limited operation of theaters and concert halls is still allowed. Non-food trade fairs are prohibited, but since December 1 regional authorities authorized Christmas Tree bazaars.


Law enforcement authorities and Taganrog Local Government officials have been conducting inspections at food markets and public sites for respecting anti-COVID measures, in particular wearing face masks.

As of December 1, 40339 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Rostov Oblast region, and 32671 persons have already recovered.