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COVID-19 City of Taganrog's Mitigation And Response #52

August 4, 2021: Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev signed a regulation on imposing new COVID-19 restrictions. In particular, medical check-ups are restrained. Attending clinics and hospitals is only allowed in the event of a threat to health. It is necessary for patients to submit certificates of vaccination, PCR tests, or antibodies verification documents. Students and teachers inhabiting dormitories meet the same requirements.

Part of the measures is to regulate people's leisure activities. For instance, limits have been placed on the number of visitors for concert halls and cinemas (up to 30 per cent of the maximum capacity). Food courts without separate entrances are only allowed to sell take-away food. Other places of public catering are limited to 30 per cent of the maximum capacity as well. Clients without certificate of vaccination or PCR test may not be admitted. Furthermore, several restrictions are imposed for fitness centres, waterparks, and some other venues.


A ban on sports activities with spectators is still in force. In addition, every contestant must be 18 and over, and possess his/her certificate of vaccination, PCR test, or antibodies verification document. Public transport of passengers not wearing face masks is prohibited.

As of August 4, 111386 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Rostov Oblast, and 98252 people have already recovered.