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COVID-19 City of Taganrog's Mitigation And Response

March 29, 2020: the City of Taganrog is actively engaged with the local Department of Health and our local and regional partners to protect the health of our community to slow the spread of the novel conoravirus (COVID-19).

Taganrog City Manager Mr. Andrei Lisitsky and Chief public health physician for Taganrog, Neklinovski, Matveev-Kurgan and Kuybishevsky districs Mr. Sergey Musienko met the press to inform about a series of ongoing actions within the City's scope to respond to COVID-19. As of March 29, there have been 2 cases of COVID-19 in Rostov Oblast region. 330 persons stay under regular medical supervision. All outpatient clinics work as usual, but the number of periodic medical consultations and preventive medical examinations has been limited. It has been decided to issue medical prescriptions at reduced rate valid for maximum possible periods. A week ago all schoolchildren were dismissed and given an extended holiday. The department of education will be providing a distance education for all children of Taganrog.


The City of Taganrog progressed to COVID-19 high response level. Since 6AM on March 28 all coastal zones and parks have been closed for visitors. Permanent guards have been placed at the premises to prevent the entry into these temporary "no go" zones. Gatherings of any size are cancelled and public venues, including public catering establishments are closed.

Following President Putin's address and in response to the order of Rostov Oblast Governor Mr. Vasily Golubev, urban public transport flow has been limited by 30-50%. The safety of passengers remains the highest priority in the face of community concerns around coronavirus. Cleaning schedules have been increased across all public transport modes and disinfectant products recommended under national health guidelines are being used on stations, stops and vehicles.

"Everyone of us can contribute to the fight against this infection by staying at home and avoiding public places. There is a particular concern for older people and people with a chronic illness or disability", explained Taganrog City Manager Andrei Lisitsky.

Taganrog Local Government has released public announcements urging residents to stay home with family members to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the most vulnerable in this community.