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Taganrog Celebrates its 324th City Day

September 9, 2022: festive events dedicated to the upcoming 324th anniversary of Taganrog's foundation were launched yesterday, September 8.

Following a long-standing tradition, representatives of Taganrog Local Government and City Council laid flowers to the monument of Peter the Great, the founder of the city. Deputy City Manager Irina Golubeva and Vice-President of Taganrog City Council Valery Selivanov congratulated Taganrog's residents on behalf of their superiors.


In the wake of the celebrations, an awarding ceremony took place on the premises of Taganrog Local Government. Rostov Oblast Deputy Governor Alexander Skryabin awarded 20 persons, who had contributed in the development of Taganrog and the region, with "85 Years of Rostov Oblast" medals. Among them were President of Taganrog City Council and City Executive Inna Titarenko, managing director of Taganrog Iron & Steel Factory (TAGMET) Sergey Bilan, First Deputy City Manager Alexey Makhov, Deputy City Manager Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy City Manager Irina Golubeva, head of Rostov Oblast Labor Inspection Panel and ex-Mayor of Taganrog Nikolay Fedyanin, Chief of Taganrog Arts & Culture Council Yelena Shelukhina, Bureau of Justice Officer of Taganrog Local Government Yuliya Shatskaya.

A few days earlier, Inna Titarenko awarded Taganrog's Honorary Freeman, ex-yachtsman and coach Anatoliy Ivanovich Tischenko with an "85 Years of Rostov Oblast" medal as well.