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South Korean delegation visiting Taganrog Chamber of Commerce

August 23, 2018: representatives of Dong Kang M-Tech Co Ltd - the leading producer of specialized marine equipment from Seoul, South Korea met with representatives of the local business community. The gathering was held at the conference room of the Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TICCI).

The goal of South Korean delegation led by the company's CEO Yeongmun Cha was to establish contacts with VEKTOR Marine Electronics Design Bureau - a company member of TICCI. Director and chief designer of Vektor LLC Mr. Alexander Dolgov shared his plans of cooperation and joint activities with Southkorean partners.


In the course of the meeting, TICCI's president Alexander Amerkhanov told the guests about the association's history and activities, its mission and interaction with local and state authorities in the interests of regional business community.

Representatives of Dong Kang M-Tech Co Ltd expressed their interest and readiness to establish cooperation with the Russian partner and join efforts to market VEKTOR's products in the Asia-Pacific region.