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Young musicians from Shenzhen, China perform in Taganrog

October 8, 2016: a concert by young musicians from Shenzhen, China was held at Taganrog "Chekhov Gymnasium" literary museum, simultaneously with the still open Confucius Cultural Photo Exhibition, brought from the sister city Jining.

Five Chinese kids from the most internationalized Green Oasis School of Shenzhen came to town within the framework of the "Hand in Hand - Music Bridging - China and Russia" project. Their music teacher, Boris Denisov, is a graduate of Taganrog Tchaikovsky Music School, currently playing with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and lecturing at Mike's Violin & Conservatory of Hong Kong and BMEC School of Hong Kong.

Boris Denisov with Green Oasis School students after the concert

Three of the young guests are winners of various prestigious awards: Lance Ding, violin - 1st prize at 10th ZSIMC in Singapore (top performance award) and 3rd and HKIMF (Hongkong); Ray Li, violin - 1st prize at 10th ZSIMC (Singapore) and 3rd at HKIMF (Hongkong); Chris Liu, violoncello - 2nd prize at 10th ZSIMC (Singapore) and 3rd at HKIMF (Hongkong).

The concert at "Chekhov Gymnasium" was a great success and featured musical compositions by Johann S. Bach, Antonio Dvorak and Dmitri Shostakovich for violin; music by J.S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi for violoncello; Joe Hisaichi, Richard Claderman and Melody Bober's for piano.

Young musicians from Shenzhen made a tour of the city, stopping at Tchaikovsky Music School, where Mr. Denisov started his music career, and visiting Taganrog historic downtown area and memorial sites related to Anton Chekhov.