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Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk consecrated the renovated house of Saint Pavel of Taganrog.

May 14, 2019: on May 12 Metropolitan of Rostov-on-Don and Novocherkassk Mercury visited the city of Taganrog. He came to bless the courtyard and new buildings around the kelya of Saint Pavel of Taganrog and a new bas-relief icon.

Bas-relief icon
Pavel of Taganrog's cell has been renovated and reconstructed. A significant number of specialists worked to recreate the historical appearance of the house, where the saint lived.

ceremony of consecration
After the ceremony of consecration, the head of Don metropolia congratulated people attending the ceremony on the complition of renovation works. "The Elder Pavel was a very unpretentious person, he owned no palaces, but the shine of his prayer and his words reached deep into peoples' souls. This is why the flow of people coming to see him never ended. He has been an inexhaustible source of divine grace in his lifetime and after his death. Hundreds and thousands of people have been coming here to pray, to ask for the Elder's help and to attain what they ask for. There was a time when some people tried to expunge his deeds from memories and to bury in oblivion his home. However, years have gone by and we see that those attempts were in vain", noted Metropolitan Mercury.

Earlier, in June 2016 events dedicated to universal glorification of Saint Blessed Pavel of Taganrog were held in Taganrog and a copy of the Fog Bell of Chersonesos was placed near Saint Nicholas The Wonder-Worker Church.