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Taganrog hosts Russian Sailing Championship
October 6, 2020: Russian Sailing Championship started in Taganrog. The number of participants is about 150 yachtsmen from all over the country. They compete in International 420 Dinghy (women), the 29er (men and women), the Laser Radial (men).


The tournament is organized by the Russian Yachting Federation, the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports of Rostov Oblast, and Taganrog's Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No 3. According to the tournament regulations, some of the declared goals are: promotion of healthy way of life among the youth and development of sailing in Russia. According to the results of competitions held in Taganrog, the best sportsmen will be selected for the 2021 Russian national youth team.


The athletes arrived in Taganrog on October 3. The registration of the participants, vessel inspection, the meeting of team representatives and racing commissions were held later that day. The online opening ceremony, another vessel inspection, and the first race took place on October 4. Races are also scheduled on October 5-8.


This series of events are to be concluded on October 8 with an online closing ceremony. It should be noted that online mode has become an inevitable feature of recent public events due to remaining COVID-19 restrictions.