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Exhibition "Remembrance Dialogue - Way for Peace" Opens in Taganrog and Lüdenscheid, Germany

September 8, 2020: international mobile exhibition "Remembrance Dialogue - Way for Peace" opened at Taganrog Chekhov Public Library on September 4. The event, whose purpose was to preserve historical memory and strengthen the partnership between Russia and Germany, started off in online mode simultaneously in Taganrog and in Lüdenscheid. The German sister city was represented by its Bürgermeister Dieter Dzewas; Deputy City Manager for Social Affairs, Irina Golubeva, welcomed him and all the residents of Lüdenscheid on behalf of Mr. Andrey Lisitsky and Taganrog Local Government.


"The exhibit is aimed at educating younger generations, teaching mutual respect and peacefulness, preserving memories of the Great Patriotic War and World War II", noted Irina Golubeva in her welcome speech. She mentioned that on August 30, Taganrog celebrated the 77th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi occupation, which had lasted for 680 days, reduced the city's population by half and severely damaged its infrastructure and cultural heritage.


Irina Golubeva underlined that such planet-scale tragedies had affected human beings all around the world, including residents of Lüdenscheid and Taganrog, who had become victims of Nazism. She gave as an example the story of a 14-year-old girl Rita Galakh, who had been writing the diary about the days of the occupation of Taganrog. Since all her relatives had died, Rita joined the underground resistance. After the war's end, Rita Galakh worked for more than 50 years as a history teacher and served as a schoolmaster in the local school No.12, where she established the museum of Military and Labor Glory.


"Remembrance Dialogue - Way for Peace" is the result of bilateral cooperation and a research and educational project led by Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College and NGO Friedensgruppe ("Group for Peace") led by Mr. Matthias Wagner from sister city Lüdenscheid, with the assistance of Taganrog Local Government's Foreign Relations Office.


The exhibition helps to reveal both well-known facts (the Nazi rise to power in Germany, the Nazi occupation period in Taganrog, the persecution and systematic massacre of Jewish population, etc.) and the tragic fate of individual residents of Lüdenscheid and Taganrog.

Scientific and educational importance of the exhibition is displayed on roll-up banners. It mainly presents archive documents, photos, fragments of wartime diaries. The unique feature of the exhibition "Remembrance Dialogue - Way for Peace" is an irrefutable evidence of the reality of Nazism, a great unprecedented evil.