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Business people from Byelorussian partner city of Pinsk visiting Taganrog.

February 17, 2014: representatives of the commercial house AIKVAGROUP LLC from the Byelorussian partner city of Pinsk came for a two-day visit to Taganrog. The Byelorussian company, which is 70% owned by the state is looking for the new markets in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and cities in the southern part of Russia.


Due to changes in the state legislation, Pinsk local government may no longer be involved into external trade activity and this is how the company AikvaGroup LLC was born. It is currently responsible for distribution of Byelorussian furs, meat and milk products, agricultural products, furniture, and light industry products.

February 17, 2014 Mr. Vasily Shakhnovich, Director of AikvaGroup LLC and Mr. Maxim Perish, the company's deputy director was received at the Mayor's Office by Mr. Mayor Vladimir Prasolov, Deputy Mayor Mr. Alexander Zabezhailo, Director of Economy Development Council Mrs. Natalia Krutogolovina and Director of Trade and Services Dept. Mrs. Tatiana Kartavenko. The parties discussed the opportunities for cooperation between Taganrog and Byelorussian businesses on the points of sales and demand for certain kinds of products.

Mayor Prasolov assured the guests from Byelorussian partner city of all possible support and informational assistance from departments responsible for economy and trade development, and requested the guests to prepare and address all their questions and proposals to Taganrog Local Government.

After the meeting, the representatives of AikvaGroup LLC were invited to make a tour around trade fair sites within the city of Taganrog to get acquainted with available locations.