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Violent clashes continue in Taganrog's partner city of Mariupol, Ukraine.

May 9, 2014: at the time Russia celebrates 69th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, violent clashes between Right Sector neo-Nazi paramilitaries outfitted as a "national guard" and city residents continue in the partner city of Mariupol, Ukraine, only 60 miles away from Taganrog.

The escalating violence was started by the Kiev junta's storm troopers on May 4, 2014 under the guise of "an anti-terror operation". Unarmed residents of the city blocked roads in downtown area, built up barricades from tires and other objects not to let hardware pass. The activists of Donetsk Peoples' Republic demanded: "Listen to the people! We demand justice! We want freedom! We are against occupation of our land by US-backed mercenaries and Special Forces! We are against the criminal Kiev junta!"


On the night between May 4 and May 5, "Batkivshina" ("Fatherland") party's office has been destroyed in Mariupol and the building of the Ukrainian "Privatbank" (sponsored by Ukrainian pro-Euromaidan oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi) was set on fire. Some 50 armored vehicles surrounded Mariupol and its suburbs, 1 BMD (airborne amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle) and 5 soldiers loyal to the fascist Kiev junta were captured and disarmed by pro-Independence activists. Mariupol residents started to form voluntary militia groups from local ex-military.

Massive attack on checkpoints located in the west of the city was started on May 6, 2014, and the next day Right Sector's storm troopers and some government troops collaborating with the regime in Kiev took control over Mariupol city hall. During the assault the attackers used an unidentified gas, which made many people in the building faint and subsequently taken to the hospital by ambulances.

May 9, 2014 the foreign ministry of Donetsk People's Republic issued a statement on facts of chemical weapons usage by Kiev junta against residents of Mariupol: "May 6, 2014 Kiev-backed paramilitaries used unidentified chemical weapons during the assault of the city council. The defenders of the building were diagnosed with unclear chemical poisonings. <...>

Kiev regime is fully responsible not only for the actions of its government structures, but also for the actions of people who use chemical weapons of war.

These actions completed the extensive list of war crimes committed by Kiev authorities in the last few days. It's symbolic that the last time when chemical weapons were used in the region before Mariupol was in the city of Kerch by Nazi Germany occupation forces.

We have already many times called attention of the world community to the actions of Kiev militants continuing the traditions of SS punitive operations. Let's put it straight: we do not count on any cooperation from the regime in Kiev in terms of examining the facts of chemical weapons of war used in Mariupol. We may assume that the party in fault will be destroying the evidence and suggest some absurd versions of what happened, trying all ways to hinder fair investigation.

We are calling all nations to condemn the facts of chemical weapons usage in Mariupol that replicate the methods practiced by fascists in 1940s and condemned by the world community. We also request to take comprehensive measures for international isolation of criminal regime in Kiev.

We also appeal to Russian Federation to use their right stipulated by the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction (Chemical Weapons Convention) and address the executive council of The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) regarding non-observance of the above Convention by the regime in Kiev and conducting a full-scale investigation of chemical weapons usage at Mariupol City Council building by Kiev authorities.

We express hope that The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Russian experts can conduct an objective and fundamental analysis of the facts of chemical weapons used by Kiev in Mariupol."

Fascist storm troopers arson police station at downtown Mariupol

May 9, 2014 tanks and armored vehicle were used again by Kiev junta against peaceful residents of Mariupol and to assault the local police station's building. Some policemen who refused to take orders from illegitimate government barricaded inside the station. At the same time Right Sector storm troopers opened fire on peaceful Mariupol citizens who came out to a demonstration organized by Communist Party of the Ukraine to celebrate the Victory Day.

It's been reported that at least 8 civilians were killed and many more taken to hospitals. The whole deterrence operation is aimed to obstruct holding the referendum on independence and is led directly by Dmytro Yarosh (leader of the fascist organization Right Sector) and Oleh Lyashko (leader of the Radical Party). The latter confirmed that he personally issued the order not to take any prisoners.