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Official delegation from Khartsyzsk visiting Taganrog

April 24-25, 2013: a delegation from the partner city Khartsyzsk, Ukraine headed by Deputy Mayor Svetlana Netreba visited Taganrog. Among the visitors from Khartsyzsk were Alexander Ilnitskiy, Director of Khartsyzsk Professional School; Natalia Khamulyak, Director of Khartsyzsk Job Center and three students who participated in the local workmanship contest (metal working).

On April 25, 2013, Marina Radomskaya, Deputy Mayor (Social Affairs) and Yelena Shelukhina, Director of Taganrog Arts & Culture Council received the Ukrainian delegation at the Taganrog City Hall. The two sides reached an understanding on further intensification of cultural relations.

During the tour of the city, the visitors from Khartsyzsk visited the Chekhov Shop memorial museum, Chekhov Gymnasium and Chekhov Library.