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Taganrog and Khartsyzsk vocational schools sign a cooperation agreement

December 6, 2011, Khartsyzsk vocational school director Alexander Ilnitskiy invited a delegation of the Taganrog restoration- and building vocational school Nr. 30 headed by its director Natalya Mikhaleva visited the sister city of Khartsyzsk (Donetsk region, Ukraine), where a round-table discussion dedicated to the vocational education in Russia and in the Ukraine was held.

signing the cooperation agreement

December 20, 2011, the Ukrainian delegation, headed by the director of the teaching and methodological center of the vocational education in the Donetsk region Edward Goncharov, the Khartszyzsk vocational school director Alexander Ilnitskiy, deputy director Lyudmila Bogatyryova, social work teacher Olga Yudayeva visited Taganrog on return visit. After the inspection of the resource-and-technical base of the Taganrog restoration- and building vocational school Nr. 30, the directors of Taganrog and Khartsyzsk institutions Natalya Mikhaleva and Alexander Ilnitskiy signed the Agreement of International Cooperation within the framework of the sister city partnership between Taganrog and Khartsyzsk aimed at the development and strengthening of cultural, educational and professional ties. During the tour of the city, the guests from Ukraine visited the monuments to the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov, to the Russian Tsars Alexander I and Peter the Great, and the Tchaikovsky House.

Visit to Tchaikovsky House - Public Library